Friday, July 25, 2008

Yucko to Fabulous

Hey friends! Sorry I've been absent from blogging- Dan and I have been enjoying our summer, hope you have too! I'll post a few of our projects we've been working on + fun adventures we've had. Since graduating from college and joining the office world, sometimes I feel like summer passes me by in the air conditioned busyness of the day. I'm guessing a lot of us feel like that! So this year I tucked some things in the back my mind, a little list of "Things To Do To Really Experience Summer". So far-

picking blueberries
EATING blueberries (I found an super simple recipe we dived into on the fourth)
sonic runs at 10:30pm
reading- I finally finished Harry Potter- it was so good!
dinner under the pecan tree in our backyard
farmer's market downtown
"camping" in Arkansas
enjoying camp days out at Camp Bethany

What's been the best moments of your summer? It's not over yet (yahoo!) Would love to share the highlights!

Okay, so this was our first project this summer and wow was it worth it! The first time Dan and I toured our house we both agreed- "If we buy it, the bathroom sink is the first to go". So month after month went by and the horrible thing stayed. We kept thinking "oh it's the next thing on the list" until something else came up- you know it works. Ta Dah!! We finally pulled the nasty thing out and replaced it with a fabulously white, clean, space saving, fully functioning, cost efficient, we-now-love-our-bathroom, sink!

Before- love how the Mardi Gras cup gives it the "used" look

stinky drawers that never worked...


Why the heck did we wait so long? Our morning routine is so much easier! I can stand at the sink and Dan can walk behind me now without turning sideways and stepping into the tub. He was so excited the first night that he busted out of the shower, kicking his legs and singing "New York, New York"! Look at all that floor space!

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Kelly said...

Hehehehe. The new sink is so beautiful, and I totally would love to see Dan kicking and singing "New York, New York" (fully clothed, of course)! Go you for taking on a big project like that! I can't wait to see you in a week! :) :)