Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Over the fourth of July weekend, Dan and I decided to go camping in Ouachita State Park in Arkansas. We haven't been in two years so it was time. I love watching Dan prepare for something he's really excited about. He's making mental lists of all the "gear" we need, browsing the aisles of Academy sports, smiling non stop, he's in his element. I love it. It's great being the one along for the ride, when he preps for something it's going to be fun and NOTHING will be forgotten. He's prepared. When we arrived the parking lot was completely full, thank goodness we had the jeep because we parked in a side of the dirt road, in a ditch between two trees! We HAULED it up the hiking trail, and as we hiked in we kept a lookout for open campsites. Afterall, the parking lot was full. Anxiety disappeared when we found our favorite site overlooking the river was open! Did I mention they were all open, except one?

Me, hauling it up the trail- you may be wondering where my head is.Dude- I'm five foot!
We threw up our tent and did a quick change into our swimsuits. Well, it would have been quick except it was so hot in our tent we looked like a shower head was turned on us! Sticky wet clothes... yuck. Who the heck cared- we were swimming in the Little Missouri River and it was worth it! The best afternoon of the summer! The river is so clean you can see your toes and the fish swimming by. Natural slides down the falls, rope swings, huge rocks to lay out on- pure heaven. About five thirty a gianormous black cloud rolled in. And, yep, it brought thunder.

Dan- Little Missouri River, Ouachita State Park
My sweet husband decided to pack it up and get out of Dodge. I love him. Thank goodness his idea of fun camping doesn't include sweltering in a tent while it rains all night! I thought I was a goner, I was prepared to stick it out and put on a brave face. So we threw our gear in our packs and hauled our booties back down the mountain. I guess everyone else knew about the rain but us so we weren't prepared for everything, oh well. By the time we got back to the parking lot it was empty, except for our lone jeep in the ditch. So we tell everyone we went "camping" but I guess it was a daytrip to go swimming with a bunch of gear! We laughed all the way home and couldn't wait to sleep in our comfy bed in the AC. Oh yea!
One last pic before we left

Deer beside the road on the way home

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Susan Woodward said...

Oh my goodness...I could read your writing all day long. I just love your stories. Still up here in AR...missing everyone down there, but will be back b/f school starts!