Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mind + body + soul

First, let's start with Body- I'm eating chocolate covered pretzels right now and definitely feel like my inner aspect has been nourished. seriously- they are so goooood. Anyway, have a few things that are fun to share.

::mind::Was listening to talk radio today as I ran a couple errands for work. Mark R. Levin was being interviewed, if you're interested in thoughts and observations regarding our founding philosophers and how we've arrived in our current political frame of mind check out his book. I haven't read it yet, but am curious and excited. Politics were easy peesy back in 1984- I thought Ronald Reagan was king of the world and Walter Mondale was some creepy guy from Russia trying to take over the White House. nice.

::body:: I grew up as a tomboy and never really learned the womanly arts of hair and makeup. I can fake it pretty good, but I'm clueless. So I felt like I'd stumbled across the big sister I always wished for in high school when I found this girl on YouTube, sweet! I feel like I've hit the jackpot, she offers tutorials and reviews on makeup and hair. Coincidentally, Marta at martawrites is doing a panel study on beauty if you'd like the insight she's uncovered.

::soul:: Just finished reading an amazing
story this week. Couldn't put it down- heart beating fast and wrenching in the end. It's so beautifully written I keep thinking of the characters as real people, wondering what they're doing and how life is turning out for them. At the end I felt my soul calling out for something more. A need to understand/be a part of more than the little story I see unfolding around me in Shreveport.