Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer Fun List

click here to enjoy the super talented and inspiring Kelly Moore of Kelly Moore Photography in good ol' Ruston, LA. She's so dang awesome.

A list of things I want to do before this summer passes by:

01. pick blueberries
02. swim in the Little Missouri in Arkansas
03. dig my toes in the sand at Gulf Shores
04. enjoy cervesa + chips + salsa outside with good friends
05. eat veggies from our garden!
06. watch fireflies in the backyard
07. have friends over for dessert and chatting around our fire pit
08. pedicure and gladiator sandals
09. saturday morning farmers market run with Dan
10. playing outside with all my little "nieces and nephews"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to Cultivate Amazing Character

I received this e-mail from a dear friend and thought the video was the best teaching I've listened to in a long time. If you have time it's worth it! The teaching part begins about 5 minutes into the video.

"If you have an hour, you should really watch this video... great teaching on 1 Peter 3 ... wives and submission. The sermon was great and ended with Q&A from Grace Driscoll. The next week is the followup to this section on how husbands are expected to treat their wives."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Hope your Easter was
relaxing and joyful.

I had great intentions of taking pictures
of our family
laughing and talking,
the camera just sat on
the side table.

Oh well, good indication of a nice afternoon.

I did get a chance to snap shots of our home fresh & ready for spring! There's nothing I love better than flinging back all the curtains on a pretty day!

{saturday morning breakfast was a slow treat in the backyard- nice}

Easter felt so special this year,
driving to church so early
it was quiet.
I imagined the women
making their way to the

It was probably still -
expectant, slightly overcast
like our morning.

I felt the same excitment,
like I was making my
way to the tomb,
but no head bowed
with sadness like Mary.
In my minds eye
we were jumping
up and down
to see the Lord Risen!

wow... can you imagine being there for that?