Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Le Tour de Jardin

A few weeks ago I got to view some of the prettiest gardens in Shreveport with my gardening friends. I looove the garden tour, this was my second one- the creativity and beauty are so inspiring! Here a few of my favorite pics.

If you're looking for gardening ideas Better Homes and Gardens website has easy to follow garden plans for every style, soil and time. Found lots of inspiration for our backyard, we started from scratch after ripping out 33 (!) boxwoods and all kinds of aimless debris.
Here was the front of our home, pictures we took with the realtor the first time we visited. Good thing we didn't mind boxwoods...

the sad little patio- "boxed" in
we thought the boxwoods out in the middle of the yard used to surround an old tool shed, but our neighbors told us the previous owner had two chairs in the middle of them, it's where she enjoyed the backyard. You can't see it too well... but there's an old gas lamppost keeping the hedges company... and that's poison ivy growing up the chain link fence..
Ta Dah!! We've painted the house, pulled up the rickety gas lamp and now our new plants are filling in pretty good this spring. The lamb's ear in front was a small gift a sweet friend gave me right before our wedding, look how much it's grown!
the patio is just starting to flower, I had a nice surprise when zinnia's started popping up everywhere. i dug them up and replanted them together in the bottom right corner of the pic (they'll bloom in a couple weeks)
our lovely backyard... free from poison ivy, shrubs and fire ant mounds!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

It's been a busy month, wow! Mother's Day, graduations, and 6 birthdays in our family made for lots of projects. Hope you're summer has kicked off to a great start this Memorial Day weekend. Found myself repainting our kitchen {Ozark Shadows by Benjamin Moore- pictures coming soon!}, organizing our church's attic, feeling the burn in Pilates class, fellowshipping with the ladies in the toddler room Sunday morning, tubing on Cross Lake, cervesa + salsa + grilling in our backyard with friends, starbucks, starbucks, starbucks!

This is Drake's finished painting, around the edges are stripes to match the big fish. Matches the MiGi Splash nursery set, was great helping you KiAnne, thank you!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Drawing it out

Finished a painting this week and thought you might enjoy peeking into my sketch book. It's funny, I never noticed how messy or how many times I sketched over other patterns until I was finished and reopened the book.

and just starting the painting for baby Drake...
will post the finished project next week!