Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I love paperdolls.

I know, but I can't help myself! Ever since my Granny bought me my first book {"The Godey's Lady's Book 1840-1854"} I've been hooked. Maybe it's the possibility of endless wardrobe changes without the messy hair or just the romance of slipping into another identity free of charge. Whatever it is, I like it. I also love the section of Instyle
that lays the clothes out for you, mmm...pure goodness. Well, great joy(!) I've stumbled upon the online version of paperdolls + Instyle- Polyvore. Now this could become a serious procrastination tool but it's so darn fun.

A little outfit I put together just moments ago with Polyvore.

They collect images of clothing and stash them in their database, access is free and you get to become a fashion editor at home! If you also like paperdolls/not sure what they are Donald Hendricks has a beautiful site, his illustrations are clever and inspire me. I love that he chooses classic books and brings them to life.

A sample of the paperdoll I made for my friend Julie (sorry poor picture quality). I make custom paperdolls for friends to kind of capture the fun times we've shared and showcase each ladies fantastic personality. Little details are tucked away on each page for her to find. The stack of fabric in front of Julie were the fabrics she used to decorate her first apartment as a newlywed.

The outfit on the right was from the mother of all flea market trips to Canton, TX. Our slogan that morning was "Hard Core" with a giant laugh, we were too determined to let the rain slow us down! It turns out, that's the best time to shop, we got the best deals and the greatest stuff. I'll be posting samples of my paperdolls this weekend at my shop. I'm very excited to get them out there finally, they're my most personal & favorite creative outlet. Hence my procrastination to put them "out there".


Kelly said...

Hey lady! Do you have pictures of the paper doll you made for me? I can take some and send them to you if you'd like to have them as samples. My wedding dress is especially nice! :) :)

Jen Anderson said...

Kelly that would be great! Thank you! Can't wait to see ya'll :)

Kelly said...

No problem! I'll e-mail them to you this week, okay? We can't wait to see you either... probably the first week of August! :) :)