Sunday, June 22, 2008

Olivia Grace

Uncle Dan and Olivia
Our sweet little niece Olivia came for a visit this weekend! Dan and I were pleased as punch to spend the day with her and Dana, Dan's sister. She'll be One next month and I think she's the happiest little girl in the world! Always smiling, laughing and showing off her tricks- blowing kisses, flirting with boys and dribbling her finger across her mouth. Aren't family days the best? We started the afternoon with lunch at Counter Culture, {Dana is the newest fan of the Humphrey Yogart (yum!)}, galloped with a zebra on the Boardwalk's carosel, swam til Livie's heart was content and full and ended the evening with a cookout. The backyard was a happy place- fireflies danced around ball players, popsicles melted down tiny fists, contentment was is in the air. Dana declared Uncle Dan Olivia's favorite person so far, he is LOVING it. We miss them so much- the house feels empty without them. Looking forward to our next visit! Love you!

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Kelly said...

Awwww. Jen, that's an awesome way to spend a day, and I loved your beautiful description of it. Olivia and Dan are too cute in the pool! I wish you could see them more often. Love you and miss you!