Monday, May 10, 2010

So Pretty...

...I want to eat it!

I made this journal a while back for my friend Stephanie, isn't it gorgeous? I love it. It's the first journal I've made that was exactly what I wanted to buy. In the past I've been quick to rush through my creative process to get the order completed. And when I say "rush through" I mean, "hmmm... what do I think they would want if they could make it themselves" instead of what did they want me to make. So this journal has been the start of my waking up to what's really inside my creative self, expressing it for others to enjoy. Thought it'd be a great place to start with the blog since I'm posting again.

Covered the book with a soft blue/gray japanese silk from Hollander's and then sewed the flowers on. Aren't they fun? You can learn to make them at this website. Martha always knows...
Wouldn't these flowers be cute pinned to tank tops, cardigans, tote bags or hair clips this summer. This Thursday night I'll be getting together with some girls from my church to make a ton of these for a women's brunch. Think it will be a very sweet time with the ladies.

Have a great week friend, it's good to be back :)

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