Monday, May 31, 2010

Creative New Endeavour

It's exciting news, and you already know if we're friends... Dan and I are expecting our first child! A little girl. She'll be arriving sometime around August 11th and we are thrilled to meet this girl. The morning we found out it was a girl Dan told me he had been hoping it was a little girl for him to cuddle and spoil the rest of her life. Isn't that sweet? I surely thought he was looking forward to teaching his boy how to drum, kayak and be a dude. I'm elated to have a daughter, to teach her about the beauty God's placed inside of us, how to tame her hair, laugh with her and the clothes and decorating of course.

Right now I'm on the "clothes and decorating" part, and oh man is it fun! Here's a look at some of the inspiration for her room. It's going to be precious I tell you.

The starting point for her room, love that it's a little grown up but still sweet and girly.

The fabric for her room {sans the little green dot fabric}. My Aunt is a wonderful seamstress in Houston and she has graciously offered to sew her bedding and curtains. Can not wait to see them!

The light Dan just hung to replace the funky flourescent light the previous owners installed. {I don't get why someone would hang a nasty flourescent light just because it's their "home office".} From be warned- their are almost no instructions for installation.

The current state of her room, before paint- haven't gotten a good picture yet.
Kelly-how do you like that comforter from our college dorm days? Pretty sweet huh? If only I still had the cornflower blue accessories to go with it. Don't worry it's not staying!

Will post some updates as we progress. The dresser in the closet was mine growing up back then it was an antique gold with hot pink liners inside. I kept the hot pink liners but painted the dresser and bed cream with the left over trim paint we used on the outside of our home! The crib is from Munire, we found it here in Shreveport at Ladies in Waiting. The dresser along the opposite wall is our changing table, bought it a year ago from a friends nursery. It was originally her husband's dresser from college, they had it repainted and added new pulls. Anyone have ideas for rugs or where to find a great deal?


Smith + Long said...

we found a cute rug for nasby's room from target. it wasn't too expensive and we put a rug pad under it so it is nice and soft. love all your ideas. looks beautiful!

Jen said...

Thanks Sheralyn! What rug did you choose? I'll go take a look.

Kelly said...

LOL... I noticed that bedspread in the Facebook album you posted and forgot to tease you about it! I think Mom threw mine out when I moved to New York... it brought back such great memories, though. :)

tara said...

kelly, did you know i had the same bedspread, but in blue?! i wonder what happened to it????