Monday, September 8, 2008

The right kind of wisdom

Saturday afternoon I spent some time in our back yard enjoying the *amazing* fall weather {we hang out in short sleeves here until late October or November, this was a treat} I pulled out my Bible and journal and let the Lord talk and I just listened. That's a hard thing to do. Over the past two months I have asked the Lord to shake out the yuck and replace it with his glory. Because when we ask, we receive. It's hard facing your downfalls and pride, like- really confess it to yourself. But as I have, it's weight has been lifted from me and God has replaced it with his fruit. His good fruit. The verse above really stuck with me because it's the opposite of what we often see around us. Our "wise" government officials, business leaders, even professors- not usually described as impartial, sincere or submissive. What a great gift that we can receive wisdom that makes you and the people near you happy and peaceful!

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