Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yes, we're officially ready for the commencement of Fall at the Anderson's. After Dan and I both had a bummer of a day {I swear a week of rain must be contributing to the glum} We decided to cleeeeann the house and put out the fall decor. Well, I decided the decor was in order, Dan needed the clean to feel whole again. You know how you get that crampy, crabby feeling when things start to pile up around you? So do we! So here is our fabulously clean and freshly bedecked home. The stoic Mr. Hooters {my granny made him back in the 70's} making his annual appearance
The mirror is a recent IKEA purchase, I'm trying phase out my "flea market" stage to more clean lines and modern. It may take a while people.
Now all that's needed is the return of Sea Salt Caramel Hot Cocoa at Starbucks, The Office {starts tonight!} and a slight dip below 80 degrees so I can sport my new scarf.
can you see the little threads of silver woven into the scarf, mmmm....nice
And to get you pumped about the return of my favorite tv couple...

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