Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sweet tooth

Are we getting ready for Halloween yet?
This makes me smile because a) I love me some sweets b) tone on tone pinks are my favorite right now c) the lettering makes me want to dance d) I work for a dentist! Saw this oh so cute illustration at Theo Design. I've never met Abigail Halpin but I feel like we could be cut from the same cloth. A while back she drew an illustration of herself circa 1994 or '95, {oh yea- spirit, spirit, we aim high! we're the class that really strives! we can jam, we can jive we're the class of '95!} the curly hair, the flute, the not- sure-what's-goin'-on-with-the-jeans momement... oh girl, I've been there! Thankfully, I've accepted my curly hair and we've all moved on with fashion. I love her beautifully innocent, sweet drawings, they inspire me to keep sketching daily. She also has an etsy shop if you're interested in taking some of her goodies home or giving gifts {I'm totally not hinting}. Hope you're enjoying this amazing Fall weather like we've been, I don't even feel like I live in Louisiana it's been so pleasant outside! Noticed the first leaves turning brilliant yellow on my way home this afternoon.

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