Saturday, September 6, 2008

Little bit o sunshine

Now, there are no babies on the horizon for Dan and I but if we have a little girl one day- I want this wardrobe. Oh it's so beautiful, like confection. Martha Stewart always knows how to set a happy stage. From what I've learned, the wardrobe will only look like this before the sweet one arrives. But it's nice to have an ideal. Have been looking into the price of clothing and baby necessities lately and was surprised how expensive little things cost! I know, I know this shouldn't be a shocker but what the heck? So I'm determined to have a cute, fashionable family at a great price. $8 for a bow? Or $30 to take a hair bow class? Or... search the internet and find a free step by step lesson! I made two bows out of white organza ribbon and attached them to Riley's pink growth chart in my shop. Check out the link, hope your bows are super fabulous!

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