Friday, June 13, 2008

Ta Dah!

I finally have a desk! yahoo! I've been searching since October for the perfect desk at the perfect price and last Saturday the Lord blessed me. Here it is measuring 60" x 34" x 31.25". The doors to our home are exactly 31.50" inches across once you take the doors off. It was a perfect fit! The little desk I was using before was the size of the green mat in this picture- just a little bit more elbow room now.

A little bonus compartment on the left-a spring loaded shelf pulls out and gives you more space! Dan told me it was originally for a typewriter, I'm using it for my sewing machine. It's tucked in there with my batting, patterns and paint box.

The estate sale was selling it for $200 (yikes), I put a bid for $50 in case no one bought it. Went home and started cleaning out my studio to make room and at 3:30 they called! No one else wanted it, thank goodness. The Lord is amazing- I woke up that morning and knew it was the day I'd get my desk! Thanks Drew for helping me bring it home!


smw331 said...

That is the same exact desk we have. I remember you mentioning it when you were over. Congrats on the awesome find!

Jen Anderson said...
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Jen Anderson said...

That's so funny! What are the chances I'd find the same desk two days later? It's a great desk.