Thursday, June 5, 2008


Isn't this a beautiful bunch of peonies? This picture always makes me feel most happy, doesn't it make you square your shoulders and sit up a little taller too? I'm on vacation this week, but have decided this little beauty will be at my desk, cheering me up this summer. Thought this was the perfect time to start a journal of all the inspiring and fun things I'd like to share with my favorite friends who are so far away. I'll be posting every few days- ideas, pictures, randomness and projects I'm working on. So thankful for every ones encouragement, interest and shared joy of all things Ruby Coco! My favorite part of this whole blog world is getting a glimpse into the creative world of other artists, it's so fun and there's always a connection that zaps me. Hope to hear from you!
Image from Domino

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Elizabeth said...

Love the blog and shop! Everything is so pretty!! :)